Grow Your Business With Our Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Agency

Our services make it possible for you to grow your company using a huge network of influencers and affiliates.

Our Goals for Influencer & Affiliate Campaigns

Find & Recruit

According to your specific needs, we may help you in locating influencers and recruit them.


With native-speaking affiliate consultants, we can assist you in engaging with influencers in multiple languages.

Monitor & Tracking

We can assist you in setting up tracking to keep an eye on results and determine which influencers or affiliates perform best.


We can assist your clients in optimizing affiliate and influencer marketing and focusing on the most profitable partnerships.

Why Does Your Business Need Email Marketing?

Most people are aware of some fancy influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc., but few are aware of how to hire them to increase your brand's visibility and company sales.

You may utilize huge audiences in line with your business by setting up your affiliate network and influencer campaigns with SFL E-COMMERCE's assistance.

Boost Your Sales With Us

Our professionals are ready to learn about your company and develop a strategy for you.

SFL E-COMMERCE is a Digital Marketing Agency that helps businesses in gaining market share, whether B2C or B2B. We boost your sales with Google Ads while also providing tried-and-true digital solutions for SEO, Social Media Marketing, brand awareness, and everything digital.

Now, Promote Your Business Through Influencers

Through the use of the best affiliates and influencer partners, our digital consultants can assist your business in activating and engaging potential audiences around the world. These consist of publishing houses, affiliate and content delivery networks, bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers.

In order to scale your brand story and reach millions of people, we develop and manage creative influencer and affiliate marketing strategies using our special expertise in digital marketing.

Our affiliate and influencer marketing experts can create and expand a network of independent marketers to sell your product, service, or business on a set budget. We focus on affiliate marketing and lead generation techniques that produce ROI through broad brand exposure, active affiliate participation, and high productivity.

To create a huge impact and ROI, commission rates, approvals, ads, and promotions all need to be carefully managed. By combining our long-established connections with global influencers and affiliate networks, our professional team will discover the perfect balance to help you get the best.


✓ Create a plan with a focus on brand awareness, consumer support, profit, and revenue growth.
✓ Create best practices for account setup and tracking in order to get the most out of your investment.
✓ Will choose the best technology providers to work for your company.
✓ Find and choose the best affiliate and influencer network partners for your company.
✓ Examine current affiliates and influencers while identifying and avoiding low-value partners.
✓ Find high-quality influencers and affiliate partners and build win - win relationships.

Our Services Include

✓ Building and managing relationships with affiliates and influencers
✓ Budget and bid management for advertising
✓ Design and optimization of an online advertising campaign
✓ Amplification of brand and content marketing
✓ Calls and reports on channel performance and ROI
✓ Tracking performance and revenue share
✓ Network integration and technical implementation of tracking platforms
✓ Digital campaign targeting at the granular level
✓ Discovery of digital assets and material
✓ Management of affiliate and influencer campaigns
✓ Engagement of affiliates and influencers
✓ A/B testing of landing pages and advertisements
✓ Fraud detection and quality assurance

Why It’s Important To Contract With A Reliable Agency

It can lead to poor practice and highly low-value partners if managed incorrectly. As your affiliate and influencer partner, SFL E-COMMERCE can assist you in gaining measurable value from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Join A Growing Network of
Top Affiliates Today

We have solid ties with prominent affiliates across industries as an affiliate marketing organization, and our little black book is continually developing. We use this strong network to establish agreements that are beneficial to your business, as well as to recruit new affiliates, particularly for your program.

We cooperate with a wide range of outlets to maximize reach, from bloggers and Instagram influencers to cashback and comparison sites. This means we can reach out to your potential clients wherever they spend their time online and at various points along the buying journey.

We will work together with you and the affiliate to create high-quality creatives, ranging from articles and social media posts to display banners and product descriptions, as needed. This serves to maximize the associated PR opportunities as well as enhance click-through rates.

Influencer Marketing Campaign

We find influencers in your niche and collaborate with them to create promotional content that highlights the goods and services that are most valuable to your company.

Brand Ambassador Campaign

We can create long-term affiliate marketing that truly buzz about your brand and establish solid relationships with important audiences by hiring brand ambassadors.

Affiliate Programs & Sites

We can achieve prominent placements on coupon sites, cashback sites, comparison shopping sites, business directories, and other sites, lowering costs while increasing conversion value.

Display and Google Shopping ads

While they continue to work on a pay-per-click basis, you can utilize them in an affiliate program. That is, you are only charged when consumers convert

Our Affiliate Program Management Agency Can Help You

✓ A well-defined affiliate strategy with measurable goals
✓ Commission structure that is flexible and maximizes margins
✓ Collaborate with a wide range of top affiliates
✓ Expert guidance on the best channels to accomplish goals
✓ Focus on content-based opportunities with PR value


Four reasons to choose SFL E-COMMERCE as your digital marketing agency

# 1

No Long Term Contracts

We don't offer long-term contracts. We work on an hourly basis, allowing our clients the flexibility they require. You can pause the partnership at any time.

# 2

Risk-Free Engagement

We are willing to offer a full or partial refund of the budget assigned to your project if there is a strong business disagreement. We value honest and fair interactions!

# 3

Marketing Experts

Native marketing experts are readily available. We are aware of local requirements such as preferred payment methods, shipping methods, best communication channels, trends, and customer behavior.

# 4

Growth Sprint Model

Our growth sprint strategy promotes a productive partnership by providing weekly updates that include outcomes, task definitions, action items, and questions for the next weeks.

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