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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) improves site performance by increasing the number of site visitors who become customers. CRO also helps in increasing sales, and click-through rates and making your existing traffic deliver better results.

The SFL E-COMMERCE CRO experts do A/B testing, multivariate and personalization testing, and UX audits that will turn your visitors into customers.

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Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Agency works to customize, improve, and accelerate visitors to click 'checkout.

Have you spent a lot of time and money on attracting customers to your website only to find they don’t purchase? Yet you know exactly what they want? Then you must take action!

Make it obvious that you not only offer what they want but getting it is simple. If you have a website or an online store, you will recognize it as a revenue generator. Its purpose is to bring more dollars and turn your company into the successful one you deserve.

It's key to success that you have a website or online business that looks amazing but it's not enough. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is also required for your website or online store. Essentially, CRO is a technique to increase the number of visitors who become customers.

It’s simple; More Visitors = More Sales

We'll Help You In Converting Website Visitors Into New Customers

Our CRO experts use the best analytics tools in the industry to collect and visualize data so that we can make the quickest and most effective decisions. Our CRO technique includes goals & aims, finding facts, data analytics, establishing test cases, A/B and multivariate testing, tracking and results from analytics.

We will identify the conversion opportunities available to you by analyzing what you already have on your website and develop strategies to move the process forward.

Our CRO agency uses a test-focused approach to ensure that we get the best results for your company. Our team will constantly test and optimize all aspects of your website, identifying what works and what doesn't in order to convert more visitors into buyers.

Our digital experts will help you in optimizing your website by tracking the entire user journey, highlighting more details about who is visiting your website and what they are looking for. It is also important to review performance after making any changes before moving forward as well as making modifications.

Typical Website Conversion Rate Issues Identified By Our CRO Experts

Confusing Web Content 

Too many conflicting statements, boring/long copy, and a lack of internal links

Poor Navigation 

Difficult to access important web pages or navigate the user journey

Unclear CTAs 

Call to action texts are not clear

Poor Propositions 

High costs, out-of-date product offerings, negative customer reviews

Unappealing design

Visually dated azznd confusing

Lack of trust factors 

The absence of an SSL certificate, no HTTPS and no testimonials

With our CRO experts, you can identify and eliminate these issues. We've been helping businesses with conversion optimization for several years and have seen incredible results.

Our CRO Services Will Help You To

  • Increase sales
  • Boost revenue
  • Increase ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Improve SEO results
  • Build brand reputation
  • Reduce marketing expenses by making your campaigns more efficient

Conversion Rate Optimization Stats
in 2022

We put together this list of essential CRO statistics that will help you to improve your strategy and benefit from conversion rate optimization

Pages that appear first in desktop Google search results have a click-through rate of 34.36%

More people are searching Google for the phrase "conversion rate optimization." than ever before

Proper targeting and testing methods can increase conversion rates by up to 300%

Videos on a landing page can boost conversion rates by 86%

Visitors who saw User Generated Content (UGC) had a 161% higher conversion rate than those who did not

Rank on 1st on Google

SFL E-COMMERCE also offers tools that help in boosting a website's organic visibility across Digital Networks

Customized Insights Dashboard

4 Billion Customers across the network

Customized SEO plans

Our Conversion Rate Optimization

# 1

Audit and Analysis

Conversion rate optimization is based on a detailed analysis of your website. Our team is ready to ease challenges and improve the performance of other digital areas, such as your SEO. 

  • Observe engagement and interactions
  • Determine drop-off points and challenges
  • Audience behavior analysis

# 2

Testing and Changes

We make adjustments to your website in order to improve the user experience. We optimize and improve website development for front-end users while working in the background to perfect your layout.

  • Split-testing A/B
  • CRO for landing pages
  • Improve site architecture

# 3

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Every change we make is monitored to ensure that our ideas work as planned and that your business benefits.

  • Audit Google 
  • Analytics regularly 
  • Transparent reporting on key metrics

Why Work With Us?

Although there are many companies to pick from, here are some reasons why our clients adore us:

Proactive CRO Agency

From initial analysis to complete reporting, we take the lead and communicate throughout the process.

Transparent Approach

Your CRO agency won't keep you in the dark, you'll receive updates on everything, including recent achievements and areas that need improvement.

Guaranteed Results

We provide support and services to help you in achieving a 10x growth guarantee and create proper visibility across all digital networks.

Performance Optimizing

With our simple dashboard, you can make all of the decisions necessary to optimize digital marketing for 10x growth.

Success Team

Paying Members to have access to a Dedicated Success Manager, who is delegated to ensure that everyone is completely satisfied.

Your Success is Our Success

We act as an extension of your team, prioritizing your needs while constantly searching for and grabbing opportunities that will advance your company.

We're More Than Just
Your Marketing Agency

We work side by side with you to understand your key goals and learn about your users so that we can make recommendations on how to improve your website. We can benefit from an experienced team that can drill down into user activity, make meaningful changes, test variations, learn from results, and repeat.

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