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No more overpriced marketing agencies! SFL E-COMMERCE is an award-winning email marketing agency. We use tried-and-true email marketing strategies and next-level automation to help B2B and e-commerce businesses nurture and convert leads.

Email marketing is a low-cost way to stay in touch with and retain existing customers while also attracting new customers to your company. Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment when compared to other marketing tactics.

It not only drives sales, visits, and bookings from new and existing customers, but it is also an excellent way to reinforce your brand and raise awareness of your company.

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Gain new leads and re-engage past customers with one of the best email marketing agencies. Email marketing is a tried-and-true digital marketing tactic for boosting website traffic, generating leads, and advertising goods and services. It’s a powerful tool for keeping customers engaged and building your brand. After all, 89% of marketers generate leads primarily through email.

At SFL E-COMMERCE, we understand how difficult it is to cut through the noise and connect with your target audience. This is why we avoid generic things. We create email campaigns that stand out, get the best response rates, and boost your ROI. Pricing that is clear and fixed!

SFL ECOMMERCE Email Marketing Services

Email Platform Setup

Email Newsletter Creation

Newsletter Sign Up

Hero Content Email Workflow

Ongoing Email Workflow Optimization

Email Subscriber Growth

Email Audit

Email Database Growth

Advanced Email Segmentation

Email Automation

Email is the most profitable marketing channel online for e-commerce, bringing in $42 for every $1 spent.

Why Does Your Business Need Email Marketing?

Undoubtedly, Email is your most powerful digital marketing tool. Your target audience most likely uses email and checks their inboxes daily (99% of consumers do). For this reason, 87% of B2B marketers and 79% of B2C marketers use email as a primary organic digital marketing tactic.

Email is your only opportunity to completely curate the message your user sees and deliver it directly to their inbox. Marketers who are using email marketing are seeing a high ROI - up to 42:1.

One of the most effective aspects of email marketing is customization. You can recognize your audience based on their previous interactions with your brand, their job title or duties, their online behavior, or a variety of other factors. Because you can speak directly to the stage of the sales funnel they're in, you can ensure you're going to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

We have Email Marketing Experts

Your email marketing campaign will only be as effective as the attention you dedicate to it. That’s where SFL E-COMMERCE comes in. We are a full-service content and email marketing agency, and our email marketing experts know how to use this medium to generate significant results.

Our experts worked with brands in many industries, including software and technology, consumer goods, health care, education, manufacturing, finance, food and beverage, and many others. We understand how to tailor messages to each stage of the funnel in both B2B and B2C audiences.

Want To Know The
Benefits of Email Marketing?

✓Boost revenue and generate leads
✓Directly address your audience
✓Keep your current clients interested
✓Build relationships with your clients
✓Develop brand loyalty and trust
✓Send personalized messages to email lists that have been segmented
✓Implement targeted marketing with a low-cost solution

Whatever your needs are, we can find the best email marketing solution for your company. We can assist you, whether you want us to create an account for you to handle your email campaigns or if you want us to take over the design, development, and management of your email campaigns.

What You Can Expect From
Our Email Marketing Experts

Higher Message Open Rates

We carry out an in-depth audit of your current online marketing strategy and recommend possible improvements and techniques to push your brand to the next level!

More Clicks

With our email marketing campaigns, you can increase the number of visitors to your website or landing pages.

More Revenue

Overall, this increases the revenue generated by email marketing for your company!


We’re More Than
Your Email Marketing Agency

Clear Marketing Agency

We can assist you in creating your messages, USPs, branding, and broader marketing strategies that include lead generation, SEO, email marketing, and more

Higher Message Open Rates

We can assist you in streamlining your sales procedures so you can successfully convert more leads and inquiries.

Website and Landing Page Development

You might need to grow, enhance, or even revamp your website to get the best results, we can take care of this for you.

Content Generation

We write articles, guides, and blogs for a wide range of businesses, as well as create videos and visual content (like infographics). We can also create content for your company

Measurement & Monitoring

As a client of SFL E-COMMERCE, you will know where every single lead, enquiry, and sale came from, letting us decide which marketing efforts are effective and which are not. We deploy systems to keep eye on incoming calls, emails, form submissions, and online purchases made through your website.

Our Marketing Agency Will Help You To

Grow Your Audience

With custom, specialized databases, we create cold email marketing campaigns that have amazing ROI.

Increase Conversions

You may convert warm leads into customers by using email nurturing. We create effective lead-nurturing funnels for email marketing.

Re-engage Your Audience

You can develop automated email marketing campaigns that maintain client engagement with the help of our customer lifecycle experts.

How Do We Work?

# 1

Learn About Your Brand

First, we analyze and fully understand your brand. We examine your analytics, competitors, current email campaign, and everything else to ensure that all future decisions are well-informed and laser-focused on your business objectives.

# 2

Email Database Growth

At the start of each email strategy, we ensure that your website is generating as many email subscriptions as possible. We will then go through the entire site to find the best spots for opt-in subscription fields, newsletter promotions, and areas to push your email activity.

# 3

Email Design & Creation

Our experts and best developers are here to help you create amazing email marketing campaigns for any device or customer. We handle everything, including ongoing campaign analysis.

# 4


When it comes to email marketing, reporting is important. We will set up tracking on every email we send as standard so that we can see how email traffic is behaving on the site.

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