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Ultimate Email Welcome Series Automation

Ultimate Email Welcome Series Automation

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Learn how to develop an automated email welcome series designed to nurture and convert new visitors at a fraction of the cost. In this SOP we'll discuss the optimal timing, messaging, segmentation, and more to turn brand new leads into recurring sales.

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What You Need to Know About This SOP:

What's Included in this SOP?

- Recommended Tools and Software
- How to Tailor a Welcome Series to Your Specific Business
- Step by Step Implementation Instruction
- Subject Line, Preview Text, and Content Recommendations
- Full Flow-Map Style Diagram of High Converting Welcome Series
- Design Examples and Recommendations

Who Is this SOP For?

Anyone who operates an online store or website in which you want to pursuade visitors to take a certain action can benefit from a well constructed welcome series.

What Tools Are Required?

In order to build a well-rounded welcome series you'll need an email marketing program that allows for conditional automations. In this SOP we will discuss options and even provide unique discounts for the top email marketing tools.

"SFL Standard Operating Procedures have helped me take my small agency to the next level. We were able to zoom through years of learning curve in a matter of weeks."

- Nicholas Delgado, Agency Owner -

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