This mobile accessory company increased revenue by 58% with SFL Ecommerce using effective acquisition strategies and tools, Facebook ads, and email marketing.


Founded in 2012, the growing team at this company has designed and developed an incredibly versatile mobile accessory, and works tirelessly to improve it and introduce it to new markets. This mobile accessory provides precise angle adjustments, so you can take natural-looking selfies and group photos.

High Priority:

  • Overhaul email automations and introduce A/B testing
  • Build brand new affiliate marketing program and immediately begin outreach
  • Work on analysis and new suggestions for Facebook PPC ads 

Next Steps:

  • Optimize AOV and CRV to get more out of each purchase
  • Activate SEO
  • Launch a referral program

Long Term:

  • Begin discussing wholesale and dropshipping opportunities
  • Scaling more heavily with Facebook and Google ads
  • Plan promotional calendar to continue to build on new customers and engaging with existing customers


With the client wanting to improve overall conversions and customer acquisition rates, we created a short-term and long-term strategy to overhaul marketing efforts and introduce new channels. 


1. Improving Email Automations & Campaign Performances

Our first step to improving email performance was to build more email automations to capture the customers this mobile accessory company already has. We created multiple flows that varied based on browse vs cart abandonment and had unique content and promotions based on the type of user. Next we built an intricate post purchase automation series that helped grow our relationship with customers and ensure new customers became repeat customers.

After launching the automations, we focused our attention on optimizing the performance of existing flows and campaigns with detailed A/B testing. From subject lines to audience segmentation to promotional value, we worked to improve every metric that ensure higher open rates, click thru rates, and sales. In the last 90 days, revenue from emails rose by over 298%.

2. Introducing New Affiliates and Partnerships

At the same time we were building upon the email marketing channel, we started to build the mobile accessory company’s affiliate and partnership programs as well. For affiliates, we joined two of the most populated affiliate platforms and created custom content and promotions to appeal to the best performing affiliates in the space. 

In the last 90 days, affiliates have generated over $9,000 in additional revenue and thousands of new customers. Outside of affiliate networks, we’ve personally reached out to over 380 potential influencer partners and have signed multiple agreements to reach new audiences.

3. Optimizing and Scaling Facebook and Google PPC Ads

Finally, our focus was to grow and optimize the performance of Facebook & Google PPC Ads. In order to scale spend effectively without sacrificing ROAS, we created new content and landing pages that would lend itself to a full-funnel strategy targeting new and repeat customers uniquely. Through informative graphics, engaging video content, and well-placed promotions, we were able to increase ROAS significantly and reach untapped audiences.

The Overall Picture

With the mobile accessory company increasing sales and new customers each day, we are working on exploring the next phase of growth through new channels and opportunities. SFL works tirelessly to not only improve on the numbers, but the overall experience and identify of a brand that will have customers there for years to come.

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