Let Google Ads Experts Make Your Paid Search Marketing Campaign Into Success

Let Google Ads management professionals grow your business!

At SFL E-COMMERCE, we manage your Google Ads and target keywords that will drive buyers to your business. Highly targeted keyword research can provide the most cost-effective strategy to attract customers who are specifically looking for what you have to offer.

Using powerful research tools and industry experience, we will create effective paid search campaigns focused on achieving your target cost per sale or lead.

By using Google Ads, you can attract highly motivated customers who might not have found your website using conventional (organic) search engine optimization methods.

Why Google Ads?

SFL E-COMMERCE is the trusted Google advertising agency that works in sync with your goals and your team. 

Google advertising is an auction-based system that displays targeted ads in Google search results. Google Ads is best known for its ability to attract the right customers at the right time. It works for both small businesses and large multinational corporations, targeting perfect audiences based on their current and previous online activity.

You've probably seen an advertisement appear shortly after looking at a similar product. It can be a little unnerving until you get used to how and why it works, but it got your attention, right?

We can handle every phase, including learning about your company, coming up with ideas, creating the ads, and everything in between. As an expert Google Advertising Agency, we are dedicated to never losing sight of our core values: Innovation, Transparency and Competency.

Everything is planned, implemented, monitored, and improved to ensure that you get value and results. All you have to do now is enjoy the benefits!

Essential Google Ads Statistics

You Need To Know in 2022

If you're not sure whether the Google Ads platform is a good investment for your company in 2022 and beyond, here are some highlights of the most important Google Ads statistics:

  • 63% of users click on a Google Ad
  • 85.3% of clicks on Google shopping Ads
  • The average conversion rate is 4.4%
  • Google Ads have an 8:1 ROI
  • 60% of android users contacted a business through a search
  • Businesses generate 68% of revenue if their ads appear on google search
  • The average Google Ads CTR is 7.94% for ads placed in the 1st position

Role of The #1 Google Ads Agency

SFL E-COMMERCE has a team of experts who create and manage Google Ads accounts to drive traffic and sales to your website every day

Our ultimate goal is to create a campaign with a high ROI (return on investment), allowing your company to spend wisely while growing profitably month after month. The manual process of reviewing your account ensures that you are not overspending and that your ads are always displayed in the best positions to convert. 

Throughout our process, we will identify the key to your website's success through PPC and grow the campaign as profitability increases. We collaborate with you and hold monthly conference calls to ensure we're on the same page with goals and results.

If you need any kind of help to create and manage any advertising for your business, consider partnering with SFL E-COMMERCE.

What We Will Provide:

  • Successful planning and ideas
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
  • Google Ads analysis
  • Competitor ads review
  • Set up a Google ads campaign
  • Conversion rate analysis
  • Google Analytics review
  • Bids adjustments

What You Can Expect From

Our Digital Marketing Experts

Full Marketing Audit

We carry out an in-depth audit of your current online marketing strategy and recommend possible improvements and techniques to push your brand to the next level!

Strategy Creation

We create campaigns that convert and focus entirely on the metrics that are most important to your company. We will achieve winning results by combining our expertise and best practices.

Creative Banner Design

We pick the most efficient approach to target and interact with your audience with impressive banner ads that have specific, relevant calls to action.

Accurate Tracking

We'll correctly implement Tags, Pixels, and Tracking codes to properly track any sales or leads generated by your website and to identify any conversion funnel bottlenecks that your visitors might have.

Why work with us?

Keyword Research and Competitor Ads Analysis

The foundation of success is picking the right keywords to bid on. We'll do proper keyword research and competitor analysis to develop a Google Ads campaign that generates sales and a positive ROI.

Campaign & Ad Copy Creation

We’ll set up your Google Ads campaign, write ad copy, and configure everything. We’ll do multiple variations and modifications to achieve the highest conversion rates possible.

Detailed Reporting & Team Meetings

Each month, we'll submit a detailed report on what we accomplished with Ads Manager and also tell you about our plans for the coming month. We’ll also schedule a meeting with our Google Ads experts with your team.

Our Google Ads Marketing Strategy

Campaign Analysis and Implementation

We will review historical data with an established Google Ads account to determine what performs best and tailor other parts to act similarly. We will then modify our bidding options, keywords, ad text, and destination links to best match our objectives. The goal is to generate as many leads and sales per dollar spent as possible.

ROI Analysis & Conversion Tracking

Our reports show which keywords generate leads and which do not. We monitor this to ensure that we are focusing on the most effective keywords and phrases.

Search Network Marketing

We track the success and engagement of your search network advertising and make adjustments to bids, advertisements, and keywords to reflect the traffic that will interact with your site in the best way

Ad testing and variation

A/B testing techniques are used to compare several advertisements to see which ones have the highest click-through and conversion rates. We'll create landing pages, test several versions of the copy, and see which performs the best.

Monthly Maintenance

Every month, the account will be analyzed to identify any areas for improvement and to make sure the campaign is operating efficiently.

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Campaigns That Make An Impact”

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